Monday, November 5, 2012

Full antenatal check-up can help to fight maternal and infant deaths

In most of the States of India, the inhabitant would be mothers do not have registration of their pregnancy.   As a result, Ante Natal Check-up (ANC) is just not resorted to by all the pregnant women in India. Even those who go for registration and also make a few visits for ANC, many do not take the mandatory three visits.  Thanks to launch of Janani Sureksha Yojana of Government of India, now quite a few have started taking up three ANC visits, but most of these are not taking up full/ complete ANCs, as some of the identified medications or tests are not completed in stupilated time frame.  Most of these women, even if these are anemic do not take full course of taking IFA for one hundred days.  Some do not take TT booster (s).  Quite a few have starting taking deliveries in some health institution or at home by some skilled health worker.  But hundred percent of every aspect may not happen in all the States of India.  It is common belief of experts that full ANC can help to fight maternal and infant deaths in India, as it ensures regular checkup of both the mothers and future children and then taking needful remedial measures.  

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