Thursday, February 9, 2017

Review of eBook titled - Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) Module 0 Practice Papers (With Solutions) By Vijay Malhotra

It is Kindle Edition or eBook, which can be read on any device whether it is kindle or computer/laptop or even a smart phone. It comprise of three Practice Exams (mock tests) of two hours duration each. Current Syllabus for Module 0 has been considered while preparing these mock tests.

Obviously, this is not an online examination practice in strict sense, but is quite similar to the same. As one can read the questions on his/her kindle/computer and solve as usual with paper and pencil and then note down the answers on a sheet instead of clicking on the computer screen. The recommended calculator and book on Formulae and Tables for Actuarial Examinations can also be used while taking these test(s). The answers have been given latter in the eBook with detailed solution to each and every practice question. One can take as an exam or mock test and then evaluate its knowledge and knowhow. The solutions are further training in the material one is supposed to know for Module 0 of CAA. Here practice exams/tests are designed to give you a realistic sort of mock test for your exam preparation. Each practice exam contains 60 (earlier it used to have 65 questions) original exam-style questions and has full solutions. Questions have been classified topic wise and the syllabus of each topic of the Module 0, as mentioned above. The same can be referred in the CAA Module 0 Resource guide available on the website of the bodies supposed to have the final exams. The Study solutions do give you a guide to solve each topic of the Module including the required shortcuts in order to help you study efficiently and have valuable experience in taking the exam too. The solutions do give the formulae used to solve the problems selected for the purpose. These various Tests for each topic helps you to decide how much time you need to spend in attempting the exam questions. As you go through these three mock tests, progress of exam preparation can be ascertained and build the confidence in taking the final online exams. Each Practice Exam contains 60 questions, as they are to be in the final exam, it will give you a realistic assessment of your chances of success as well. Top of it the candidates would have very good practice in taking similar exams and may help them in successfully passing the same.  

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