Friday, January 6, 2012

Caution! NH-1 is Delhi’s Deadliest Stretch of Road

Front Page News in Times of India - Caution! NH-1 is Delhi’s deadliest stretch of road

Sub-Heading : GT Karnal Rd saw Fatal Accidents Rise 59% In 2011

The data published in the daily on 5th January, 2012 is on Worst Killers and is given at the link below :!144&parid=80DF1B3546394F09!105&authkey=!AAmtrW7IMHEUWNk

* Number of Fatal Accidents.

The GT Karnal road is bloodiest. This analysis has been presented by the Times of India, a prominent paper of India.

As could be seen from the table above, that in 2011, it is the Ring Road which has reported to have 198 fatal accidents, whereas GT Karnal Road (NH-1) had 111 (much less) fatal accidents comparatively. How can the GT Karnal road be bloodiest? It may be worth mentioning that the ratio of number of fatal accidents and the length of the road is important to consider for making such an comparative analysis. In the absence of these, one can not conclude the one which has been highlighted in the daily. Such presentations only create wrong impressions in the mind of users of the roads. The concern is definitely the percent change in the number of accidents for NH-1 and GT Road and the corrections needed should be noted and implemented by the road administrators.

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