Friday, October 8, 2010

Indian Business Register

"We are planning a National Register of Business to keep track of every single commercial activity - both big and small - in the country," Secretary to the Indian Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation TCA Anant said here yesterday i.e. on 7th October, 2010 on the sidelines of a workshop on annual survey of industries.

To make it possible, the new economic census will now cover the services sector, including small home businesses and small goods stores.

"The work on economic census will begin from June-July, 2011, and is expected to finish by the end of FY 2012", Anant said. A national register of business will lead to switching from the annual survey of industries to the annual survey of business.

Thus the government has decided to create a national register of business aimed at capturing every single commercial activity in the country to ultimately pave way for keeping more accurate statistical data of economic activities.

But this news is not the latest one. This process of creation of a business register is, in fact, not new. The Ministry had been struggling for many years now for creating the said national register of business, but met with very little success so far.